Thursday, 15 August 2013

Welcome to the Dangerous Meredith Adventure! | Dangerous Meredith

A grab bag of ideas about business development and kung fu movies (by Dangerous Meredith)

Accompany my choreographer’s brain on its foray into the world of business.
After 20 years working in the arts and community sectors, helping folks to get their projects up and running (and mounting the odd rescue mission as well) I am going to go freelance. I will make a living by doing what I love: helping people understand how to write business plans, strategic plans, project plans, create strategic alliances, funding agreements… I do this through mentoring, training, trouble shooting, negotiating, writing. I especially love working with people who normally feel stymied by the business world and / or have a new or risky venture to nurse along.

All these can be learned at adult English classes in Singapore by Nurtureland Learning Centre!

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